“DİKO” Co. which derived its name from two cousins Dimitri HACOPULOS and Koço HACOPULOS started its production business in 1942 in the field of white goods. Diko with productions first to begin with kitchen equipments, in the short term assorted its production capabilities with electrical mini ovens and electrical irons.

As the year 1949 a milestone in the industry field occured, which for the first time in Turkey Diko produced the first Turkish Made Electrical Water Heater (Thermosyphon) and presented it to the Turkish market.

In 1964 ; Aleko HACOPULOS , Deputy from the Democratic Party of Turkey, carried on the electrical water heater production until then it was 1978 when Poli KURTEŞOĞLU who is also the recent chairman of the Company took over the management.

In 1986 Diko became a Corporation company as “DİKO Electrical Equipments Ind. and Trading Corporation” and kept its presence until today.

Diko Co. being always concentrated in absolute customer satisfaction presently continues its production of residential wall hung, industrial floor standing, special single serpentine thermo-boiler and boiler type of water heaters, solar boilers, marine type electrical water heaters with a wide selection of available capacities starting from 10 Liters up to 10.000 Liters.